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where the fates have led

A fanblog. My name is Alex and I have lots of Spartacus thoughts. I lead a Barca Appreciation Life; also expect lots of queer stuff, ladies, and queer ladies.
May 22 '13

I feel like I talk about this all the time, but I’m just… really impressed at how many boundaries the Spartacus writers managed to push with Barca.

  • Queer man of color
  • Unabashedly badass
  • Slightly villainous, without his queerness being a source of villainy (in fact, his relationship being one of the most moral and relatable things about him)
  • An equal-power relationship with a similarly “masculine” man, because queer relationships don’t have to fit to heteronormative standards
  • An imbalanced and protective relationship with a more delicate man, because heteronormative relationships are not inherently bad
  • Said imbalanced relationship does not serve to make him the cold or emotionless seme; on the contrary, he is shown as being scared of losing his lover’s disapproval (and, by extension, him)
  • Fully fleshed-out back story
  • Had his own, clearly defined, motivations and storyline

Barca Appreciation Life, over here. Forever.


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